The capital of Palestine will remain Jerusalem said the President of Palestinian Authority: Abbas


The capital of Palestine: Jerusalem

In the matter of recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the capital of Palestine by US Administration, on Friday, “held up Jesus as an inspiration to Palestinians fighting the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The December 6 recognition rewarded “illegal” Israeli settlement expansion and constitutes an “insult” to people all over the world” Abbas published a message on Christmas that was published in the official news agency “Wafa News”.

After meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, he said that the US has disqualified itself as a mediator for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. In the Christmas message Abbas went a step further, saying the Palestinians are inspired by Jesus to refuse the “injustice” of US-backed policies. No morality has been left in

Capital of Palestine
Capital of Palestine

US after such disputing move and the capital of Palestine will remain Jerusalem

On the other hand US ambassador to UN Ms Nikki Haley threaten UN members who will not support there decision on Jerusalem. She said in a statement that US will disclose all the names who will vote against them in UN resolution on Jerusalem.

Nikky Haley Statement of threaten to UN members,”While the US administration has decided to reward injustice and threaten others who do not support it, we will continue our path toward freedom and independence,” he said. “We are inspired by the message of Jesus, who refused injustice and spread a word of hope.”

Ms Haley also said that US will also cut funding to countries for voting in the UN General Assembly to condemn the US move.

As of now the capital of Palestine is East Jerusalem.

On the other hand the Palestinian Authority President Mr Abbas said “Threats against those who support justice will be met with the same spirit and response from our nation and from millions of dignified people around the world.” He was hoping for supports from different countries of the world.

In his statement Palestinian Authority President Mr Abbas wrote that Israeli’s Bethlehem is surrounded by 18 “illegal colonial settlements that are under ongoing expansion on Palestinian land and alleged that the city “continues to be affected by the Israeli plans to create the ‘Greater Jerusalem’ on the sufferings of Palestinians.”

On 21st December, Arab League and Muslim countries led by resolution was passed passed by with 128 votes are in the favor of the resolution, 8 votes are against and 32 members of UN assembly absent.

On December 19, out of 15 member of permanent security council, 14 voted in the favor of Palestine.

Abbas said that “The US chose to be biased. Their future plan for Palestine will not be based on the two state solution or the 1967 borders, nor will it be based on international law or UN resolutions,”

India’s Stand on the capital of Palestine

India voted in support of resolution as per ideology of peace. Noteworthy has been the silence of the Muslim community in India, judging from the electronic and English language print media. Jerusalem has always been a ‘red line’ issue for them. The government would be justified in drawing its own conclusions from the relative absence of a Muslim reaction to the U.S. move.

Abbas concluded: “Let us rescue the message of hope that emerged from a humble grotto in Bethlehem to work for a better future, one where freedom overthrows oppression, where we speak truth to power, where peace, justice and coexistence prevail over occupation, apartheid and exclusivity and where energies are directed to construction, not destruction.”


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